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Welcome to Recruit Training at Fort Indiantown Gap. We have held Recruit Training here since 2007. Our staff is experienced and ready to provide you with an outstanding Recruit Training experience. You will leave at graduation with a great deal of knowledge, and the experience that only two full weeks can provide. You will learn to live and work with your shipmates in a disciplined, military environment. You will make new friends and go home with new skills, and be ready to take the next step in your Sea Cadet career.

Recruit Training will be held from 28 June to 11 July. You must follow the directions to request this training as described in the Magellan databse. The procedures have changed from previous year.Do not send requests by mail requiring a signature. This will delay receipt of your request. There can be absolutely NO REFUNDS after 13 June, and we cannot accept late requests. DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL FOR BILLETS FOR RECRUIT TRAINING!!! We will not save billets on the basis of emails or phone calls. A billet is saved only by the proper request on Magellen, and will be approved upon the receipt of a complete and entire request package.

The Seabag lists are currently being updated to reflect the current uniform regulations. They will be posted here as soon as they are complete. Anything not on the list will be confiscated, including but not limited to, electronics of any kind, candy, gum, magazines, cell phones. When in doubt, leave it out! Please do not bring flashlights, lint rollers, body spray or Edge shave cream. If you have any questions, or wish to bring something not authorized, contact us first! Be sure to abide by the minmum requirements on the seabag list. You may bring more than the minimum listed but do not bring anything not listed on the sea bag list!

You must have three sets of working uniforms. You may bring CUUs, or NWUs in any combination. For example, you may bring two sets of NWUs and one set of CUUs. You must bring three sets, and each type of uniform must be complete and correct. Be sure that you bring enough t-shirts in the appropriate colors for your uniforms. There should be one for each day that you will wear the uniform. Don't forget to bring white t-shirts for your dress uniform. Ball caps will be issued to recruits, so do not bring any type of cap for your working uniforms. The only cap you will wear is the one issued when you report. Be aware that Utilities are no longer an authorized uniform for Sea Cadet wear.

Recruits will report no earlier than 1200 and no later than 1600 on Sunday, 28 June. Once your cadet begins checking-in, you will not see your son or daughter again until graduation. Be sure to say your goodbyes at the door. A place will be provided for you to wait, and we ask that you wait to leave until your cadet has been completely processed and accepted. We will make every attempt to process cadets as quickly as possible, but please be patient. A member of staff will notify you when your cadet is finished checking-in and you may leave. The uniform for check-in is dress whites. Do not wear ribbons or nametags. We will post a GPS address as soon as we know where we will be on the Post. There may be no public restrooms available, so make a rest stop before you arrive.

Be sure to look through the sections for Parents and Commanding Officers as well. There may be information in those sections that will pertain to you.

Graduation will be held at 1000 on Saturday, 11 July, the exact location will be posted here once it is determined.

We look forward to seeing each of you this summer at the Gap! We are planning a great training that will be one you look back on with satisfaction and pride.